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Uruguayos Unidos now accepting Paypal Uruguayos Unidos now accepting Paypal

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Yes! I would like to make a donation to Uruguayos Unidos through PayPal. Your donation can be as small as AUD $1 or as large as you choose. We sincerely thank you for your contribution. It makes a huge difference to our cause! Please note that you you will redirected to PayPal's page to complete the donation process.

Tornado Dolores - Marathon de 48 horas

Maraton de 48 horas para ayudar a nuestra gente de Dolores por el desastre del tornado. Se puede hacer donacion aqui entrando codigo al hacer la donacion. Muchas gracias.

You can help maintain Uruguayos Unidos running costs

You can help Uruguayos Unidos in many different ways, not only contribute towards our core initiatives, but also you can help towards the everyday running of the charity, for example help us pay for the rent of the warehouse, electricity, insurance, telephone and the hosting of this website.

On behalf of Uruguayos Unidos we would like to thank you for your donation. All contributions are essential to our charity.

Julio Dominguez President of Uruguayos Unidos 2015


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